Grivance Redressal Cell

Grievance Redressal Cell
Grievance Redressal Cell (GRC) has been constituted under the supervision of Dr. Punam Chopra and Asstt. Prof. Kawalbir Kaur. It is rightly said that if we cure a disease in its beginning time, it will never create a problem for us in whole life."It is good to air a grievance rather than to keep it bottled up." This cell shall generally discuss the various basic problems of the students and any unhealthy relationship between the students and teachers or non teaching staff of the college and suggest and implement remedial measures.

Areas of Grievance Redressal Cell:-
The Grievance Redressal Cell is a forum where all the students of the college is accepted and takes all steps to address and solve their grievances. The students of the college will be allowed to apply for the following grievances:-
I. Academic such as
a. Regularity of classes
b. Library facilities.
c. Internet facilities
d. Placement Facilities and any other related issues.
II. Hostel facilities
a. Accommodation
b. Standard of meal
c. Recreation facilities
d. Any other related issues
III. Sports Faculties
IV. Medical Facilities
V. Canteen Facilities
VI. Time Table adjustments
I. Schedule of Academic activities like examination, time management, teaching Practice etc.
Suggestion Box:-
Suggestion box or complaint box have been installed outside the Economics lab/ S.St. Room in which the students / staff or any one outside the college, who wants to remain anonymous, put in writing their grievances and their suggestions for improving the academics or administration in the college.